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Tommy Anderson & The Jerome Ukulele Orchestra make the cover story in Ukulele Magazine in 2018 !  In 2020, Ukulele Magazine published Tommy's song "It's Party Time."  Click here for the article, chord chart and the video of the song 

Ukulele Magazine Cover Winter 2018.jpg

The Jerome Ukulele Orchestra - along with nearly everyone in Jerome, Sedona and the Verde Valley - were thrilled when the JUO was asked to audition for “America’s Got Talent”, and in the next few years, Tommy Anderson and the JUO were written about in the cover story for UKULELE! Magazine, bringing national and international attention to the Verde Valley.  Tommy and the JUO have been seen on ​​Arizona Highways Television, the Channel 3 ‘Good Morning Arizona’ Show, the ‘Verde Valley Experience‘ and AZTV 7’s ‘Morning Scramble’ TV show.

Although Tommy has 20 CDs in his discography, and has just released his ukulele CD! Download it at

Tommy Rocks! (The Ukulele)

Available on all streaming platforms.  CDs & flash drives are also available at Tommy's shows. Check out for Tommy's performance schedule, videos, ringtones & more.


1. It's Party Time

2. There Are No Words for This

3. Thanksgiving in Hawaii

4. Chokin de' Chikin

5. Rudy the Reggae Reindeer

6. Sayonara Baby

7. That's the Sound (Of the Breaking of My Heart)

8. Heartbeat


9. Here Comes the Sun 

10. In My Life

11. You Are My Sunshine

12. I'll See You In My Dreams

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Tommy Anderson - Discography

2002 - Stephanie Todd & Thom Anderson: "Chrysalis"  CD

2003 - Thom Anderson: "Whatever"  CD

2004 - Thom Anderson: "Pocketful of Pesos"  CD

2004 - Thom Anderson: "King of the World"  CD

2008 - Thom Anderson & Ringo McLennonSon: "Love Me"  (single)

2010 - Tommy Anderson: "Lullabies and Sweet Dreams" EP 

2012 - OvO: "Live from The Spirit Room" CD

2012 - OvO: "Live from Ghost Town Studios"  CD

2012 - Tommy Anderson:  "EVOLVE"  CD

2012 - Tommy Anderson:  "Baby Come Home For Christmas" (single) 

2013 - The Beatless & Friends: "John Lennon Birthday Bash" CD

2016 - “OvO at Raven Studios”  EP

2017 - B3: “Rubber Revolver”  CD

2019 - “OvO 2.0: Live From Jerome”  feat. Joe Berger CD

2019 - Bill Bassett & Tommy Anderson: CD "Live From The Grasshopper Grill" 

2019 - Tommy Anderson: Tommy Rocks! (The Ukulele)  CD

2020 - Tommy Anderson: "2020" CD

2020 - Tommy Anderson:  "All Alone Together" (single)

2020 - Tommy Anderson: "Nothing But Time" (single) 

2020 - Tommy Anderson: "Harmony" (single) 

2020 - Tommy Anderson: "You Can't Fall Out Of Love" (single) 

2020 - Tommy Anderson: "We Belong Together" (Ritchie Valens cover)  feat. Bill Bassett (single) 

2020 - Tommy Anderson: "Vincent (Starry Starry Night) (Don McLean cover)  feat. Bill Bassett (single) 

2021 - Tommy Anderson: "Over Time" (single) 

2021 - Tommy Anderson: "Georgia" (Ray Charles cover) (single) 

2021 - Tommy Anderson: "Harmony" CD 

2021 - Tommy Anderson: "Birthday Spankings" (single)  

2021 - Tommy Anderson: "Million Miles" (single) 

2021 - Tommy Anderson: “Tommy’s Top 20 Tour Tunes 2021”  CD 

2021 - Tommy Anderson:“Baby Come Home For Christmas”  CD

2022 - Tommy Anderson: “Hoppy" (single) 

Download Tommy's music at    

Also available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify & more.

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