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Tommy Anderson & The Jerome Ukulele Orchestra make the cover story in Ukulele Magazine!

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Tommy Anderson & The Jerome Ukulele Orchestra audition for America's Got Talent 2015

Although Tommy has 17 CDs in his discography, Tommy has just released his first ukulele CD!

Tommy Rocks! (The Ukulele)

Available on CDBaby, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify & More.   CDs are also available at Tommy's shows : check out for Tommy's performance schedule.


1. It's Party Time

2. There Are No Words for This

3. Thanksgiving in Hawaii

4. Chokin de' Chikin

5. Rudy the Reggae Reindeer

6. Sayonara Baby

7. That's the Sound (Of the Breaking of My Heart)

8. Heartbeat


9. Here Comes the Sun 

10. In My Life

11. You Are My Sunshine

12. I'll See You In My Dreams

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Tommy Anderson - Discography

2002 - Chrysalis with Stephanie Todd & Thom Anderson

2003 - Thom Anderson: Whatever

2004 - Thom Anderson: Pocketful of Pesos

2004 - Thom Anderson: King of the World

2005 - iCn3D: Volumes 1 & 2

2005 - The Overtones: Big Love For Citrus

2008 - Ringo McLennonSon: Love Me (single; available on EVOLVE)

2012 - Tommy Rocks: G3: P.F.Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon CD (compilation) 

2012 - OvO: Live from The Spirit Room

2012 - OvO: Live from Ghost Town Studios

2012 - Tommy Anderson: EVOLVE

2012 - Tommy Anderson: (single) Welcome To The 21st Century (single; available on '2020')

2012 - Tommy Anderson: Baby Come Home For Christmas (single; available online)

2013 - The Beatless & Friends: John Lennon Birthday Bash

2017 - B3: Rubber Revolver

2019 - Bill Bassett & Tommy Anderson: Live from the Grasshopper Grill

2019 - OvO 2.0 : Live from Jerome

2019 - Tommy Rocks! (The Ukulele)

2019 - Tommy Anderson: 2020

2020 - All Alone Together (single)

Download Tommy's music at    

Also available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify & more.

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